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I love living out in the middle of the woods, but it does come with a lot of pest problems. We have battled ants, flies and spiders in the house and ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, and all sorts of other pests outside. How can you keep these pests under control when your home is smack dab in the middle of their homes? My blog contains a ton of tips that can help you keep these and many other pests under control. You will find plants that will help keep them away from your house and techniques to eliminate them once they are in your home.


4 Effective Ways To Safeguard Your Home Against Termite Infestation

20 June 2022
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Unlike most pests, termites can cause major destruction to your home and go unnoticed until it's too late. Additionally, many insurance companies don't cover damages resulting from termite infestation. So, if you experience significant damage to your property, you'll probably need to pay out of pocket for repairs. However, you can avoid such expenses if you know tactics to keep these pests out of your property. Check out a few ideas you should consider implementing. Read More …

You May Need Professional Squirrel Removal Services To Rid Your Attic Of Squirrels

24 May 2022
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Squirrels are fun animals to watch in your yard. Plus, they're cute, so it's hard to resist throwing them some food. However, you might not realize squirrels can be harmful to your home if they can gnaw their way inside. They can get in your basement, between the walls, inside your living space, or in your attic. Since your attic is nice and quiet, squirrels may live in there, make nests, leave their droppings, and have babies. Read More …

Useful Pest Control Tips For Mice

7 April 2022
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If you ever find out that mice are on your property, you want to take them seriously because that's the best way to limit their presence and impact in the future. Here are a couple of pest control tips that you should consider when facing this particular pest around your property. Try Setting Out a Few Traps If you've spotted mice or at least have seen their activity around your property, then the first measure that can be effective is setting out some traps. Read More …

Benefits Of Homeowner Associations Hiring Pest Control Providers

24 February 2022
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Pest problems can be a serious issue for homeowners, but they can also be a problem for homeowner associations and condominium management groups. For these organizations, hiring a professional pest control to service the community can offer more benefits than attempting to mandate the individual homes or units to have professional pest control treatments performed regularly. Limit The Ability Of Pests To Spread From One Unit Or Property To Another  Read More …

Pest Control Services: 3 Benefits Of A Professional Pest Extermination Process

20 January 2022
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Pests are the last thing any homeowner expects in their home. That's why most homeowners avoid leftovers, clean their house and gutters routinely, manage waste properly, seal the windows and doors, and avoid other attractants just to ensure they keep pests away. However, pests will sometimes still invade your home and cause a lot of damage. Pests like spiders, mice, cockroaches, and rats are a huge problem to you, especially if you have little kids in your house. Read More …