Dealing With A Pesky Wasp Problem Upon Your Property

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Dealing With A Pesky Wasp Problem Upon Your Property

9 September 2022
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If you have been battling a wasp problem in your yard or near your house, you likely want to figure out a way to have them vacate the area as soon as possible. Here are some steps to eliminate wasps from an area where you do not wish for them to live.

Prepare Yourself For The Removal

Determine where wasps are living by following them when you notice them in your yard or near your home. Wasps live in nests and usually tuck them in locations where they are not easily visible, such as between branches in a tree or along the underside of an eave of a rooftop. When you know where the nest is positioned, prepare to spray at it during the nighttime hours when wasps are inside of their home. They are less likely to become aggressive and sting. If possible, enlist someone else to help you in case of a medical emergency. Gather clothing to wear during the spray session. This should include protective eyewear, gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants.

Position Yourself For Spraying

There are several wasp-killing sprays available on the market. Choose one where you can direct the spray toward the nest from several feet away. Do not stand directly under the nest when you spray it, as you will become a target if wasps emerge from their quarters. Instead, stand behind a tree or another protective barrier so you can reach one arm out and spray toward the nest. You can then quickly hide behind the barrier after spraying so you are less likely to be stung.

Check The Nest For Activity

After you spray the nest for several seconds, go into your home to wait for the results of the insecticide to take place. Observe the activity around the nest a few hours later to determine whether the wasp population has decreased. You may need to repeat the process for several nights before all wasps are eradicated.

Consider Hiring Help

If you do not wish to conduct the spraying process to eliminate wasps on your own, contact a pest control service to do the work for you. This is especially helpful if you or someone in your household has a bee allergy. The service will use professional-grade products, ensuring all wasps are completely eliminated after treatment takes place. A pest control service may also remove the wasp's nest and dispose of it for you.