You May Need Professional Squirrel Removal Services To Rid Your Attic Of Squirrels

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You May Need Professional Squirrel Removal Services To Rid Your Attic Of Squirrels

24 May 2022
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Squirrels are fun animals to watch in your yard. Plus, they're cute, so it's hard to resist throwing them some food. However, you might not realize squirrels can be harmful to your home if they can gnaw their way inside. They can get in your basement, between the walls, inside your living space, or in your attic.

Since your attic is nice and quiet, squirrels may live in there, make nests, leave their droppings, and have babies. You may need the help of squirrel removal services to rid your home of the animals. Here are some things that might help get rid of squirrels.

Use A One-Way Tunnel On Their Entry Hole

The first step in getting rid of squirrels is to figure out how they're getting inside. This takes a thorough examination of your roof and siding. If you have trees near your roof, there's a good chance the squirrels are dropping down from the trees and gnawing through the roof somewhere.

Once you find an entry hole, you can put a one-way tunnel in the hole so the squirrels can get out when they wake up and go hunt for food. However, they won't be able to get back in when they want to return. Once you're sure the squirrels are out of the attic, you can seal up the hole for good so the squirrels stay out.

Use Live Traps

One problem with blocking the entry but leaving the squirrels on your property is that the squirrels may gnaw another opening to get back inside. A squirrel removal service can use live traps instead that catch the squirrels so they can be released elsewhere. They can also catch the babies and send them with their mothers or take them to a wildlife center to be raised.

It's necessary to find and plug entry holes when removing squirrels this way too, even if the squirrels are taken off of your property. The scent left in your attic will attract other squirrels. So the hole has to be blocked. Squirrel removal services might also include sanitizing your attic to kill germs and odors left behind by the squirrels so other squirrels aren't drawn to your attic too.

Squirrels are destructive inside your home. They chew on your walls and wiring. They may tear up your insulation to make nests, and they leave urine, feces, and fleas in your attic. Squirrels can also spread diseases, so they may be fun animals to watch in the wild, but you don't want them in your house. For these reasons, consider calling squirrel removal services near you.