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I love living out in the middle of the woods, but it does come with a lot of pest problems. We have battled ants, flies and spiders in the house and ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, and all sorts of other pests outside. How can you keep these pests under control when your home is smack dab in the middle of their homes? My blog contains a ton of tips that can help you keep these and many other pests under control. You will find plants that will help keep them away from your house and techniques to eliminate them once they are in your home.


Getting Rod Of Cuban Treefrogs: What Florida Homeowners Need To Know

22 June 2016
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Many gardeners and homeowners in Florida like the idea that their gardens could become a haven for wildlife, but some species are more welcome than others. Cuban treefrogs are an invasive amphibian species that can cause problems for homeowners in Florida, and it often becomes necessary to take steps to rid homes of these creatures. Read this article to find out why Cuban treefrogs can become a nuisance and learn more about the steps you may need to take to deal with them. Read More …

Tips For Eliminating The Bees In Your Yard

1 February 2016
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Honeybees are extremely important for crops because of the job they diligently perform day after day, but they can also be an extremely frustrating part of life if they begin living on your property. If you have a lot of bees flying around your yard, there may be a hive nearby. Bees live in and near beehives, and eliminating the hive is a great way to get the bees to move to a new location. Read More …

Getting Rid Of Mice: Which Strategy Makes The Most Sense For You?

13 December 2015
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Mice may be cute, but a mouse infestation isn't. Wild mice that find their way into your home can chew through just about anything that your home is made of, including wiring, wood, plumbing and even brick walls. Tolerating these creatures can eventually cost you a lot of money in repair costs while also exposing you and your loved ones to some very nasty diseases. But exactly how should you get rid your rodent problem? Read More …

3 Not-Scary Facts About Black Widows (And How To Control Them)

19 October 2015
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The symbol of a black spider with a red hourglass mark has become synonymous with death. Most people see black widow spiders and assume they are aggressive, highly venomous creatures bent on human destruction. It doesn't help that nearly a third of the American population has a crippling fear of spiders. It can be said that these creatures are vastly misunderstood, though, and below you'll learn three facts about black widows that may ease your concerns, plus how to control their populations and reduce risks. Read More …

How To Dispose Of Adorable Pests

10 September 2015
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Fluffy tails, big ol' ears, pleading eyes and adorable squeaks are hallmarks of many rodent species. Mice have been known to sing to one another, and who can resist that little cotton tail? While many people find bunnies, mice and packrats cute, their presence in your home indicates real threats to your family. If you want to do away with the threats without murdering the darling little creatures, here are a few tips. Read More …