Warning Signs That Termites Have Invaded Your Residence

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Warning Signs That Termites Have Invaded Your Residence

9 August 2022
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Having termites in your residence can be a nightmare because the damage these wood-loving creatures may cause to your wooden structures is staggering. In severe cases, the entire structure can be compromised if a colony of these elusive pests infests your residence. Unfortunately, these destructive pests are not always easy to spot. Nonetheless, they leave some telltale signs you need to watch out for.

Here are four red flags that your dwelling is under the invasion of termites.

Mud Tubes

If you observe mud tubes, usually on the lower part of your house next to the ground, this is a warning indicator that there're termites in your residence. You may also observe this sign on your shed or your trees. The mud tube is the route termites use to travel across your property. Thus, as soon as you spot these tubes, you should call a pest control expert to assess the situation because it indicates that the termites have likely already established a nest underground.

Swarms of Flying Insects Outdoors

These elusive pests tend to flock out of their nests to new locations where they can set up their colony. Once they get to a new location, they twist off their wings and discard them. Therefore, if you spot these wings near your house, it signifies that your residence is a nesting ground for a colony of termites.

Cracked Wall Paint or Plaster

As you walk around your home, you might observe cracks in the paint or plaster, and you should examine this carefully because it may be a red flag for termite invasion. The wood-loving insects may have eaten away at the timber in the internal wall, thus affecting its structural integrity. As a result, the wall paint will be bubbly and appear as though it has been destroyed by water. To fix this and prevent further problems down the line, you should call in a termite control company.

Damaged or Hollowed Out Wood

This is one of the most visible signs of an invasion. There is a high chance that termites have chewed through your wood if you notice long grooves in it. A section of wood destroyed by these wood-loving pests likely has a hollowed interior. As time goes by, these grooves erode the wood structure, and you may be forced to erect a new building if the damage is too extensive.

Any of the above signs could signify that termites have invaded your house. Therefore, you need to act fast before the termite damage escalates. To this end, you should schedule an appointment with a pest control expert to provide a long-term fix to this problem.