Protecting Your House Against Serious Termite Damage

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Protecting Your House Against Serious Termite Damage

28 December 2022
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Termite control and prevention can be an important aspect of keeping your home safe. Failing to address this risk can lead to your home being significantly more vulnerable to suffering serious termite problems that could require expensive repairs and repeated pest control treatments to correct.

Effective Termite Control Requires Protecting Your Entire Property

Often a homeowner may simply assume that they will only need to worry about treating the area around their home to prevent a termite problem from developing. However, managing this potential threat to your home will require you to be proactive in protecting the entire property. Otherwise, there may be conditions in your yard that are attractive to termites, and this could lead to termite activity very close to your home. In particular, making it a point to remove any decaying wood from the property can help with this. In fact, if you have a tree cut down, the stump should be pulled out of the grind so that termites will not be drawn toward the decaying roots and stump of the tree.

Water Damaged Wood Can Be Especially Vulnerable To Termites

Wood that has suffered water damage can be especially vulnerable to a termite problem. Unfortunately, it is possible for a home to have areas in it that have suffered water damage, and these components may suffer extreme damage as a result of termites. This is due to the fact that water damage can make the wood soft enough to make it easier for termites to be able to chew through it. The termite tunnels can make it easier for moisture to get deeper in the wood, which can accelerate the rate at which damage occurs to it.

Active Monitoring Of The Property May Be Needed

Checking your home for signs of termite activity can always be advisable as it may allow you to identify the presence of these pests relatively early. However, they may still have caused considerable damage by the time you notice the warning signs that termites have been active. Proactive monitoring of your property may provide you with an even more advanced warning that termite activity is occurring. This type of monitoring will involve placing a series of traps in areas where termites may be likely to be found. By periodically checking these traps to see if they have captured any termites, you can be in a position to act more quickly in the event of termite activity being detected.

For help clearing your home of pests, contact a termite control service in your area.