Ways To Get Rid Of Field Mice From Your Backyard And Garden

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Ways To Get Rid Of Field Mice From Your Backyard And Garden

1 December 2022
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Field mice can wreak havoc in your garden and backyard. And just like other rodents, mice will infest your garden if there is enough food. So, if you have field mice problems in your garden or yard, this article will provide mice control tips that can help you lower their population.  

Try Rodent-Repellent Plants

Field mice should no longer be a problem if you have rodent-repellent plants in your yard. These plants produce a pungent smell that should prevent the mice from feasting on your crops. That said, you should plant these species together with other plants to ensure they remain effective. Amazingly, these plants will repel mice and other rodents as well. Some of the best plant species to have in your garden include garlic, lavender, and mint.

Use Mouse Traps

You can always count on the traditional traps if you have been experiencing problems with field mice. You just need to find the mouse paths and where the mice love to hang out. Once you spot the routes, set a couple of mouse traps and use bait to attract the mice. Luckily, mouse traps are available in different types. You can purchase electric, glue, snap, or multiple catch traps. 

Try Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices should also help keep the mice field away. These repellent devices work by creating a sound that can deter mice and other rodents from your yard. As you'd expect, these devices produce high-pitched noises that scare any rodents away. You may not hear the noise because of its high frequency, but the mice can.

Be Careful With Your Compost

Most homes depend on compost to grow their food organically. Unfortunately, compost piles tend to attract mice and other rodents. Therefore, you must be careful about where you place your compost piles. If possible, you should place it far away from your garden and home. Alternatively, you can put it in a bin or a plastic bag where it's inaccessible to rodents.

Try Mice Control Services

If your DIY mice control methods haven't yielded results, consider using the services of a mice exterminator. Field mice multiply very fast as long as they have access to food and water. That said, it might be impossible to keep their population in check using DIY methods. So, if you notice their population keeps getting higher, call the pros to eliminate these pesky pets once and for all.

Contact a local pest control service to learn more.