Useful Pest Control Tips For Mice

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Useful Pest Control Tips For Mice

7 April 2022
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If you ever find out that mice are on your property, you want to take them seriously because that's the best way to limit their presence and impact in the future. Here are a couple of pest control tips that you should consider when facing this particular pest around your property.

Try Setting Out a Few Traps

If you've spotted mice or at least have seen their activity around your property, then the first measure that can be effective is setting out some traps. You have a lot of different types to choose from and they can work as long as you place and bait them correctly.

One of the more popular types of traps for mice is one that doesn't kill them. Rather, mice enter a cage and then get trapped inside until you're able to take the cage off your property and relocate them. 

Keep Your Garden Organized and Clean

A lot of homeowners have gardens today because this is a peaceful activity that also lets them grow foods they can eat. However, gardens can attract rodents like mice, and then you have a pest problem on your hands.

You can manage this potential issue by just keeping your garden organized and clean. You need to make sure any fallen fruits and vegetables are picked up off the ground, and you must maintain your garden each day. Even simple steps like these will help you avoid attracting mice in the future.

Administer Predator Urine Around Your Property

If you want to keep mice from coming back to your property, one thing you can do is apply predator urine around spots where mice like to gather. The urine will scare them off because they think natural predators are in the area.

A lot of garden centers sell this urine in commercial bottles, so you don't have to worry about getting dirty or exposing yourself to harmful ingredients. Once you get this product, make sure you apply it around the right areas. You'll just need to examine your property to identify signs of mice like trails and droppings.

If you have a problem with mice, you don't have to let them continue causing issues. All you need to do is put an effort into completing pest control steps. There are a lot of different options, but you just want to remain proactive and keep trying things until you find out what works best. 

For more information about mouse pest control, contact a local professional.