4 Questions About Termite Fumigation

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4 Questions About Termite Fumigation

29 October 2021
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One of the best ways to get rid of termites is with fumigation. It involves tenting off your entire home so that a gas can be used to get to termites hidden away where you can't see them. Here are some questions you're likely to have about using fumigation.

What Preparation Is Needed To Preserve Food?

The gas used for fumigation has the potential to ruin food if it is not preserved properly. While items can be removed from your home, you can also bag them to ensure that gases do not reach the food. This is best done by double-bagging items, twisting the top of the bags together, and securing the bag tightly with tape. You can then check the bag to ensure that air is not getting in or out to know the food is protected.

How Does The Gas Reach All Affected Areas?

The termite control company will verify that the gas is able to freely flow to all areas of your home prior to starting the fumigation process. You'll be required to open all cabinets and closets in your home to ensure that no spot is missed. If there is a gap for a termite to get inside a hidden space, the gas will be able to reach that place and kill the termite. 

Do Neighbors Need To Be Concerned? 

Since the fumigation process requires tenting your home, your neighbors should not have any concerns about your home being treated for termites. They can leave their windows open, hang out in their backyard, and resume their regular activities while the fumigation is in progress. 

When Can You Go Back In Your Home?

Be aware that it will be a couple of days until you can enter your home again from the start of the fumigation process. Thankfully, it should only be a few hours of waiting once the tent has been removed. A second lock is often put on your door to ensure that nobody gets in when it is not safe to do so. Your home will have to pass an inspection to verify that it is safe to enter and that the termites have been killed, which includes testing the air quality.

Think you're ready to have those pesky termites exterminated with fumigation? Reach out to a pest control company in your area that specializes in termites and fumigation to ensure that this job is done correctly.