DIY Bed Bug Control Tips You Can Try Before Calling In The Experts

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DIY Bed Bug Control Tips You Can Try Before Calling In The Experts

14 September 2021
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Did you know bed bugs are the leading pest infestation in America? A bed bug infestation is a nuisance that shouldn't be taken lightly. These pests develop adaptive methods, which makes getting rid of them harder. 

Besides interfering with your sleep, bed bugs cause allergies and irritability, which reduce comfort in your home. So, how do you deal with bed bugs? Here are some tips you can try if your bed bug infestation is recent before seeking bed bug control expert services.

Confirm They're Bed Bugs and Identify Their Location

Before embarking on bed bug control tips, you need to be sure they're bed bugs. Adult bed bugs are somewhat brown, flat, 5 to 7 mm long, and oval in shape. They come in groups and are located in hiding areas and cracks in furniture, which make them hard to get rid of. Check for the bug in a dark and tiny area like the frame of your bed or the downside of your couch.

Buy Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a standard solution for most pests, including bed bugs. This non-chemical option is made of fossils from aquatic organisms, which are dried and powdered. It dehydrates insects and kills them.

Once you have identified where the bugs are located, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the site. Sprinkle it several times a day for a few weeks continuously.

Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an antimicrobial powder, and its strong, pungent smell has been successful in getting rid of bed bugs—mix water, cayenne pepper, and ginger to form a spray and spray in the infested area.

Alternatively, you can use cayenne pepper by itself. You can also put some insect tape around the infested area before applying the pepper. The bugs will move away from the pepper and move towards the insect tape and get stuck. Always discard the insect tape after every use.

Pour Hot Water on the Infested Area

Bed bugs are extremely sensitive to temperature and cannot withstand hot temperatures. Therefore, if the infestation continues to spread despite other control efforts, you should pour hot water on the infested region.

For example, if the frame of your bed is the most infested, pour boiling water on it and any cracks around the bed. Remove any bedding and wash it with hot water as you pour hot water on the bed. Repeat the process a few times a day for a week. It's the best method where other methods have failed.

DIY attempts at bed bug control are only effective if the infestation is recent and the bed bugs haven't spread around. You can try any of the four control methods above. However, you should call in experts if the infestation continues to spread. Contact a pest control company in your area to learn more.