Why Aren't Your Termite Baits Working?

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Why Aren't Your Termite Baits Working?

17 September 2020
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Using a termite bait system is generally seen as the best option for getting rid of subterranean termites. They also work well to protect your home when you know there are termites nearby. But what if you've put baits around your home, and you still have termites? What's going wrong, and what should you do now? Here are a few possibilities.

You have not waited long enough.

How long ago did you put the termite baits into place? They do not work overnight, and in many cases, they don't even do much over a week or a month. It can take a while for the termites to find the bait, and it will take more time for the termites to actually carry enough bait back to the colony to kill a significant number of termites. You won't wake up one day with a termite-free home. Rather, you should notice fewer and fewer termites over time. Most people notice a significant reduction in termites after about 3 months, and the termites are gone after about a year. If your baits have not been in place this long, then you might just need to be a bit more patient.

You have drywood termites.

There are several different kinds of termites. Subterranean termites, which have colonies below ground, are very common and very destructive. However, drywood termites are not entirely rare and are often seen in dry regions. Putting baits below ground will do nothing to eliminate drywood termites since they never go below ground! If most of your termite damage is in the attic or the main living area of your home where there's hardly any moisture, then you probably have drywood termites and should reach out to a pest control company for better solutions, such as insecticide sprays.

You've put the baits in the wrong place.

Another possibility is that you've placed the baits in an area where the termites don't normally go. It can be tough to know where to place them as you don't normally know where the termite colony is located. As such, most pest control companies simply surround the perimeter of the home with baits placed every 10 - 20 feet. Try this; you'll probably have better results within a few months.

If you've put a termite bail system in place and still have termites, look into the possibilities above. And don't be afraid to contact a pest control company for some more specific advice.