How A Residential Pest Control Expert Can Deal With A Rat Infestation For Homeowners

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How A Residential Pest Control Expert Can Deal With A Rat Infestation For Homeowners

13 November 2019
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Rats are one of the more serious pests you might find in your home at some point. Although your urge is to probably get rid of them yourself, it will be much easier working with a residential pest control service. They'll tackle this stressful rodent situation in the following ways. 

Scan Property For Entry Points

Before the initial rat infestation is addressed in your home, the pest control expert will examine your property's exterior looking for entry points. These need to be sealed because if they're not, more rats will just get in your home after the pest control expert leaves.

The professional will examine common entry points around the siding, chimney, attic, doors, windows, and basement if there is one. If there are small crevices identified that rats could potentially get through, they'll be sealed up completely with a long-term solution. It will be done seamlessly so that the patch doesn't hurt your home's curb appeal.

Set Out Live Traps

Even though rats are probably the last creature you want in your home, you probably don't want to kill them. This would cause a lot of other issues, such as sanitation problems. The best thing you can do is hire a pest control expert, who can set out live traps for the rats in your home. 

These traps will be placed around areas where there has been rat activity. The traps also will be baited appropriately so that they lure rats in. Once rats enter the cage and are trapped, the pest control expert will take them far away from your property where they'll be safe and human interaction will be minimal. 

Apply Exterior Repellents

If you're worried about more rats showing up around your property after the pest control expert is done, then you can have them set out exterior repellents. Then, rats won't have to be as much of a problem that constantly keeps you up at night.

These repellents have stimulants that deter rat activity. Rats who get near them will sense their presence and then quickly move to another area. Then, you don't have to worry about rats getting too close to your home and possibly finding a way in again.

Rats are not a fun rodent to deal with for homeowners, but they will make their presence known at some point. If this keeps happening, just work with a pest control expert. They're trained to deal with these rodents and thanks to their equipment and techniques, they can deal with rats before they cause severe damage and sickness.