What Household Pests Can Make You Sick?

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What Household Pests Can Make You Sick?

15 July 2019
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No one likes to talk about the creepy-crawlers that invade the homes society lives in, but they definitely exist and they wreak havoc on the lives of some of the people who deal with them. From strange bedfellows like parasitic bed bugs to tricky invaders like mice, no one likes unwelcomed pests in their home, but some of these critters are downright dangerous. The fact is that there are some household pests that can leave you and all members of your household exposed to health risks. Therefore, preventing these rascals is a really important thing to do. Shake off those cringy cold chills and check out some of the household pests that are most important to keep out of your home. 

The Dreaded Kissing Bug 

These things may look harmless enough, and they may not even be a household pest that is all that prevalent or even mentioned, but kissing bugs are one of the more dangerous pests you can have in the house. These blood-sucking pests get their name because they often go after soft skin tissues around the mouth and eyes. With a name as romantic as this, it's hard to imagine these bugs could be dangerous, but they definitely are. Don't forget that some people also call these vampire or assassin bugs. The insects carry a parasite that is dangerous to humans because it can cause Chagas disease.

The Basic House Mouse 

When you were a kid (or maybe even now as an adult), did you ever capture a small young mouse and think it was the cutest thing ever? Big eyes, a cute pink nose, and whiskers. It sounds a little like you are describing a cute bunny, and some people keep these things as pets. However, the basic house mouse is far from harmless like Stuart Little. These rodents can carry a full list of diseases and they spread urine and feces throughout your house that contains all kinds of bad stuff that can make your household members gravely ill. 

The Bat 

This is one of those pests that are only problematic in certain areas, but the homeowners who are left to contend with them can feel like they are stuck in Batman's Cave with no Dark Knight to rescue them. When bats decide to take up residence in your home, they can flock to the new hangout in droves, and these pests are hardly harmless. Bats carry a lot of parasites, can spread rabies, and are known to cause humans to contract histoplasmosis, a dangerous lung infection. 

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