How To Win A War Against Fire Ants

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How To Win A War Against Fire Ants

14 August 2018
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Imported red ants are an invasive species, so if you find them in your yard and you try to exterminate them, you do not have to feel guilty. In fact, you will actually be doing a favor to the local environment. There are several ways to get rid of imported red ants.

Use Caution with Fire Ants

Be careful when dealing with red ants. They can easily sting en masse and will cause painful welts. They also tend to attack animals, including any pets you may have, and destroy plants in the area. They create mounds of loose soil that look like gopher diggings. Because a colony tends to produce a large number of red ants, you will likely see them. 

When you first identify a mound, make sure to fence it off. Anyone who accidentally comes in contact with the mound may provoke fire ants to attack. Place a sign that warns everyone about the fire ants, and tell everyone in your home to stay away from the mound.

Kill Most Fire Ants with Broadcast Fire Ant Bait

The first step is to use broadcast fire ant bait. This should kill the vast majority of the fire ants. However, if you are still struggling with a fire ant problem, you may need to treat individual mounds. 

Treat the Fire Ant Mound Directly

Make sure to apply fire ant bait around the mound. The bait will be dragged to the colony where it will poison the fire ants. Also, use the drench method of pouring enough insecticide into the mound to where you are able to kill the ants and queen.

Seal Entry Points

If red ants are entering your home, you will need to identify where the fire ants are entering your home. Then, you can seal the entry points. Afterward, you will want to treat the areas of entry for the fire ants with insecticides. Some of these insecticides are hazardous to people and pets, so if you have any children or pets in your home, use non-toxic versions. Some insecticides are also able to stain or damage surfaces, so test a surface before applying the insecticide. 

Hire Pest Control Services

Killing a fire ant infestation is very important, and it can be a monumental task given the large number of fire ants involved. For this reason, you will want to contact pest control services who have experience with fire ants.