Dog Constantly Have Fleas? 2 Tips To Get The Fleas Off Your Dog And Out Of Your House

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Dog Constantly Have Fleas? 2 Tips To Get The Fleas Off Your Dog And Out Of Your House

6 June 2018
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If you treat your dog for fleas, but they keep coming back again, this can be very frustrating, especially for your dogs. If you do not take care of this, your dogs can get sick or develop skin infections. Before this happens, below are two tips to get the fleas out.

1. Bomb Your Home

Because your dog keeps getting fleas your home is likely infested with fleas. One way to get them out is to bomb your house. You can purchase these flea bombs at most stores if you want to do this by yourself. They will have instructions on how to use them. If you do not want to do this, then call a pest company and have them do this for you. They have bombs, but they are much stronger and better than what you can buy.

These bombs spray chemicals to kill the fleas. You must leave your house and your dog also for a few hours until the chemicals leave your home. The pest company will also spray chemicals inside your house after the bombs are done. The pest company may also spray the chemicals outside on the grass, bushes, etc. This type of chemicals will not hurt the grass plants in your yard.

2. Treat Your Dog

Before you put your dog back in your house, you need to treat it. If you do not, the fleas on the dog will get inside your house again. First, purchase a flea shampoo and give your dog a bath. This shampoo will kill a lot of the fleas, and your dog will feel better quickly.

There are spot-on chemical treatments available at pet stores. These are put on the dog's skin one time per month. These treatments kill the fleas and the eggs that may be on your dog. There are also pills that you can purchase or get the pills from your dog's veterinarian. These work the same way as the spot-on treatment.

Much stronger flea collars are available at pet stores. These collars will keep fleas away for a few months. It is important that the collar touches the skin on your dog. Because of this, if your dog has long hair, it would probably not work well. Take to your local pest control services if you have any questions and ask your dog veterinarian if you need help with the flea shampoo, the spot-on chemical treatment, or the pills.