Bait Could Be The Best Way To End Your Ant Problem

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Bait Could Be The Best Way To End Your Ant Problem

10 May 2018
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Ants are such tiny bugs that it is nearly impossible to seal your home to keep them out. Of course, you should seal your home as best as you can because this keeps out other bugs, too. When it comes to ant control, you'll probably need to take additional measures, such as having regular pest control treatments. Ants are so pervasive in the outdoors that they are a constant threat to your home. Not all ants bite or sting, but you still don't want them swarming your food. Here are some things that will help keep ants under control.

Eliminate Their Food Source

Scout ants might come into your house searching for food, but the trail of marching ants doesn't happen until a food source is found. It may seem like once you place your dog's food dish on the floor that suddenly ants swarm out of nowhere. However, you can keep down ant activity by restricting their access to food. If you have kids and pets, that might not be easy. Place your food in sealed containers, and clean up crumbs after you eat. Don't forget about water, too. Ants also come inside looking for moisture and water. You can buy ant-proof bowls for your pets, so the ants can't get inside to eat and draw more ants to the bowl.

Try Ant Baits

Your exterminator may want to try ant baits to get rid of an infestation. These work by killing off the queen and colony, which is what you need to do. You want the right bait for the type of ants infesting your home. Some ants like sweets, while others like protein. There are different baits for each purpose. Identifying the type of ants you have is the first step in controlling them. When you use bait, place it where the ants will find it and make that the only food source they have so they eat it. It might take a few weeks to complete the job, but the bait can wipe out the queen and colony as long as the ants take it. Don't use sprays in the same place and at the same time as you use baits because the sprays might keep ants from approaching the bait. Once the ants are gone, regular pest control spraying should help keep them under control.

Getting rid of ants isn't always easy since they live in colonies in such large numbers. If ants have invaded your home, you may need to get professional help because home remedies and swatting the ants you see won't be much help.

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