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Rodent Control Tips

18 April 2018
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A rodent issue can be a terribly inconvenient and unpleasant problem to have to address. When rodents are allowed to infest a property, they can cause serious structural damages, unsanitary conditions and a host of other problems. Identifying the steps that you should take to combat a rodent problem will help your home to be better resistant to the worst consequences of this hazard.

Understand The Areas Mice Are Most Likely To Target

Homeowners will often assume that rodents will never stray far from food. As a result, it can be easy to assume that the rodents will largely be in the kitchen and near the garbage bins. However, it is possible for rodents to establish a series of tunnels and paths throughout the home. As a result, they will often nest in secure and difficult-to-reach areas of the home, such as crawl spaces, basements, and behind walls. By making sure to close any gaps that may exist in the walls or the home's exterior, you can deny these rodents the ability to use these paths.

Use A Mixture Of Pesticides And Natural Rodent Repellents

While pesticides can be effective for eliminating rodents that have managed to move into your home, it may be possible to discourage rodents from targeting the home. One effective way of doing this is to spread synthetic wolf or coyote urine around the exterior of the home. Additionally, getting a cat may help to discourage mice as the cat's smell can help to scare away mice. Mothballs and cedar chips can also be an effective deterrent to rodents as they will be repulsed by the odor these materials give off. You will need to regularly replace the cedar chips or the mothballs to ensure that the smell is as strong as possible.

Promptly Seek Professional Help For Stubborn Or Worsening Rodent Issues

There may be instances where you find that your rodent problem is particularly difficult to address. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to take action to combat their rodent problem promptly. This can give the mice enough time to breed, which can rapidly cause their population to increase. Due to this risk, you should quickly contact a pest control professional to treat the rodent problem. While you will need to be home when the pest control professional is treating the house, this is a minor inconvenience as it will ensure that the rodent issue is thoroughly addressed. Depending on the severity of the infestation, it may take several treatments before the entire rodent population is eliminated.

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