Think Your Rat Problem Is Over? 3 Signs That Say Otherwise

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Think Your Rat Problem Is Over? 3 Signs That Say Otherwise

3 August 2017
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Discovering a rat in your home is not exactly a welcomed event. If you've made this discovery, you probably did everything in your power to eliminate the rodent. Think you were successful? Just because you don't see the rat anymore, this does not mean it's gone. If you're concerned, here are just some of the indications that mean you still have a rat problem.

Moist Droppings

When examining droppings, there is a way to tell if they are fresh or old. An old dropping will be dry and it may have a gray or white cast over it. However, if while you're cleaning, you notice the dropping are moist, this is an indication that you still have a problem on your hand, as these droppings are fresh. When cleaning droppings ensure you're keeping a safe distance, as contact with these droppings can be detrimental to your health.


When you open the pantry, are their unusual marks on the cereal box? Does the base of the trash can in the kitchen have an unexplained hole? If you're able to answer yes to these questions, this could be an indication of a continued infestation. Rats like to shred items like these to use them as an entry point for food or as materials for nest building. Always keep your eyes open for gnaw marks.  

Rub Marks

Rats don't have the best vision. For this reason, they are known to bump into walls, furniture, and other surfaces a time or two. When it comes to detection, this can actually work in your favor. When these pests bump into these surfaces, all the dirt and grease on their bodies will leave behind a trail, or rub mark. Strange stains around the base of the wall or other lower surfaces in your home can serve as an indication that you still have a problem on your hands.

Eliminate the Guesswork

The best way to assess and eliminate a rodent problem in your home is to work with a pest control professional. Not only are they able to eradicate these pests, they can also inspect your home to help you prevent a further infestation, which can give you greater peace of mind. At the first sign of a problem, put your elimination efforts into the hands of a professional.

If you suspect you have a rat problem, ensure you're getting the help you need. Call a local company that specializes in rat removal to help.